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Demi had today at Vevo UK a “Twitter Talk” with their fans and made it answered quite a few questions, I know some but not all of the questions translated would have been too many. PS: Demi has also revealed that in a matter of their songs from their upcoming album”Nightingale” is.

When will your new album be released?
Demi: Sometime soon
What is your favorite book?
Demi: Piece of Cake by Cupcake Brown
Choose whom you could turn with whom would you most like?
Demi: I would like to shoot with Johnny Depp!
Would you rather a unicorn or an alien?
Demi: Alien … duh!
Do you have any advice for those who want to try it on X Factor?
Demi: Choose a song that is not often heard, and practice, practice, practice!
What color is your toothbrush?
Demi: Pink
Do you think this is the best music of your career be?
Demi: Yes – I hope!
Describe Lovatics in just 3 words
Demi: loyal, inspiring, passionate
Have a good time in London?
Demi: Yeah .. I love it here. I can not wait to come back
Do you already have a name for your album? If so, what inspired you?
Demi: We do not have a name for the album, but hopefully soon!
Are you coming to Italy this year?
Demi: I would find great you as soon as possible to see!
Is there a particular song on your new album you’re proud
Demi: I’m very on “Nightingale” proud
Do you remember your first autograph?
Demi: I remember my first autograph I got from Ed McMahon!
Similar to your new album any other album from you, or can we expect something new?
Demi: I think it’s a better version of the previous albums
How many songs did you write for your upcoming album?
Demi: I wrote most of the songs!
How do you feel that we are 12 million Lovatics already, and there are more every day?
Demi: It feels great to so many supportive fans to have!
If you could tour with anyone, who would it be and why?
Demi: It would be Kelly Clarkson – it would be a dream come true!
Are you going to publish in the near Zukinft a perfume or a clothing line?
Demi: Who knows? We shall see! [...]

If you want to read you all the questions by going to the Twitter page @ VEVO_UK

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