New information about Demi’s new single.

On that afternoon of February 6, Chachi – one of the official Hollywood Records – some Lovatics responded on her Twitter about the new single from Demi Lovato divulging some information. See below for the replys:

@zaynstruck  - @chachi when is demi announcing her damn single? before april maybe?
@Chachi - @zaynstruck YES before April!
@TheOneCalledJ - @Chachi people are saying Demi’s new single is called “Warrior.” True or Not True???
@Chachi - @TheOneCalledJ NOT TRUE

To summarize the information we have about the single is: He could be released this month or next month, it is not called “Warrior” and not “Pieces Of Heart”.If more information is disclosed will update this post! Stay tuned.

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