Lessons from Demi’s tweets

The diva Demi Lovato, cover ed. CAPRICHO of 1167, messages always awesome tweets. Advice, lessons and reflections that sometimes have everything to do with us! Demi learned so much about everything that happened in your life that has become an example of overcoming and so the CH chose the most inspirational singer’s tweets (so everyone can learn a little bit with it)! <3

“He’s not your prince charming if I do not question that you know it’s his princess.”
“Keep thinking of negative things is useless. Think now and remember what today is called ‘present’ for some reason … “
“And you never cling too much to the past. People change, grow … Life is so funny sometimes, you never know what the future holds. <3 ‘

So, which of the tweets from Demi has more to do with you?

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