“Heart Attack” is the name of Demi Lovato’s new single?

As already posted on the site, today’s official website and all its networks Demi suffered a “blackout” and the hashtag # demiblackout soon entered the trending topics. The twitter of her U.S. record label, Hollywood Records has given some tips for fans about what to do and where to look for more clues about the reason for the blackout.

@HollywoodRecs - Hey #Lovatics, I think you might want to sign up… http://www.demilovato.com #DemiBlackout

Besides sending the website link and send the fans registering on the site mailing list, where we can see lines similar to a heart monitor, the label’s twitter gave us another hint, which may have led us to name the single or something very important about him.

@HollywoodRecs - Psst….hey #Lovatics, if you look closely there might be a couple more clues for you… http:/www.demilovato.com

We and many fans of Demi’re rummaging around the site and find the source code (area of the site you can see the code that makes up the site) a stretch that has no defined function, apparently, and inside it is written KCATTATRAEH forming the word Heart Attack instead. (check the picture)
Gathering this information to the lines that represent the heart monitor (which, when a person has a heart attack – Heart Attack – are horizontal), the term “Heart Attack” may be closely related to the new CD and is probably the name of the new single, which will be announced and released soon.

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