Demi:”I do not think I was ready for ‘X Factor”

In an interview with Cosmo on Compus, Demi Lovato (20) shows that should have waited some time before accepting the role of judge on the X Factor, due to the recent battle with her personal problems, which included self-mutilation and eating disorders. “I do not think I was ready when we started The X Factor. Ideally I have waited a year or more [after leaving treatment]. “- Demi says, revealing also have no idea whether to return for next season.”I went back to work too quickly and perhaps not the best idea. But the situation I’m in now is much better than I could imagine, so I’m happy! “- Continues the singer. Besides being comfortable at work, Demi admits she is ready to resume dating. “I’m a time when I can finally trust and love and be a better person for the man with whom I will relate to me, instead of being a girlfriend clingy and jealous.”However, Demi leaves a warning to potential suitors: “I am a girl from Texas. I have a strong personality, speak my mind and I’m not sure. I’m the kind of woman who does not tolerate bullshit, so I have to find someone who does not tolerate well. I think no woman should hide what they are really thinking. “And after disclosing their conditions, their counsels Demi Lovatics also looking for someone that:” It is not healthy when girls are just with that guy and forget your friends and family. I did it. I was looking for distractions because she was afraid of being alone. “The new issue of Cosmo on Campus is available on newsstands in the UK *.* The publication is unique to British universities.

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