Demi vs Sofia Vergara:Who wore the dress better?

When the celebrities wear the same clothes, they always run the risk of being compared. In this case, it is a tough competition. Demi Lovato and Sofia Vergara both crashed in the same dress. Each girl has her unique touch to make your way, but who YOU think wore it best?
Going back to August in “Fanta Irresistible Awards” in Mexico City, Demi wore this elegant and provocative dress and stole all the attention! He has adapted amazingly to her body, and she combined with a thick paste. His class gave a perfect touch.

On the night of New Year Story Nightclub in Miami Beach, Sofia wore the same dress. Despite its small problem when your breasts appear a bit too much after her boyfriend get into a fight, she was drop-dead gorgeous. She had no collar and straight hair – quite different from Demi. We can not decide who is better!

Use the same dress during the summer and winter can be a giant “NO,” but two of them get it over with. Demi glossy lips and left her blonde hair look perfect for a hot summer day. The dark makeup of Sofia and her hair helped the whole winter, and it was perfect for New Year’s Eve (even though she was in the warmth of Miami). We love to see these two dear wearing that dress. Leather and dark blue go great together, and the two could not have chosen something better.

We could not decide who was more fabulous. Comment below and VOTE on who razed more with her ​​look. It will be fierce!

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