Demi recorded “In Real Life” in a house!

At the time of the Beatles and Elvis Presley, the albums were recorded in a studio full of technology. For current producers, as Bleu – who worked with the judge of “The X Factor”, Demi Lovato, Jonas Brothers and other artists – the room of your home can be the recording studioDuring a lecture at the MacWorld Conference, he revealed that Demi’s vocals for the song “In Real Life” – which he co-wrote for the album “Unbroken” – was recorded in the living room of his home in Los Angeles with a microphone $ 100 a homemade recording session “was a bit shocking for her” Bleu said, “but she got used to recording and made pretty quick”To be clear, the entire recording was a “home project”. As technology Bleu just had a MacBook, a Pro Tools Mbox Mini and Software – which is a voice recorder compact and portable.

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