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Demi Lovato, who last week celebrated two years cured in date Day Unbroken dubbed by fans (she checked into rehab in 2011 to treat depression and fight against an eating disorder and self-mutilation), says that the treatment transformed “into a best girlfriend.”The star, which had as boyfriends stars like Joe Jonas, Jonas Brothers, and Wilmer Walderrama of That `s 70` s show, says she became a better person and it will help you when you find “the right person” . “I can finally trust and love, and be a better person for the man I’m dating, instead of being a clingy girlfriend or jealous,” she told the agency Wenn.Star opens his heart and gives tips to the girls: “It’s not healthy when girls devote all his time to a guy and forget friends and family. I’ve done that. I was always looking for distractions because I was too afraid to be alone. “

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