Demi evaluates the four finalists of “The X Factor”

The second season of “The X Factor” has only four candidates and they all want the prize: a contract of $ 5 million record deal.

Demi Lovato, who was the judge / mentor of Young Adult and who is not afraid to challenge Simon Cowell when she wants, seen all their candidates out of the program. So we went after her to an impartial assessment of the singers who are still in the competition. In the end, the singer who she still speaks think will win “The X Factor”!

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What do you think of  Tate Stevens?

Strengths: “He’s very talented as a country artist, and many people who watch the show and vote are older. Represent the United States. Everyone loves a good country artist that represents who we are. “

Weaknesses: “Sometimes it’s a bit boring, a bit boring. I’ve seen him perform very well. It’s just a matter of control. “

Chances of getting a record deal even if you lose the program: “It is already done. He’ll get a contract, for sure. “

One thing he needs to do to win: “Just do not relax in the performances. He is one of the best things in the program, but at the same time, everything counts. A bad performance can send you home. “

What do you think of Carly Rose Sonenclar?

Strengths: “The strong point is her voice. She’s like a freak of nature. “

Weakness: “A part of me thinks she is always very serious and always sings slow songs. I like to see someone who excites me. She is amazing, yes, but it’s hard sometimes to watch her performances, for sure. I think she is very emotional for someone 13 years and I do not know how much she wants to stay in the competition. I do not see the motivation that I see in the eyes of other candidates. I would like to see her having fun. “

Chances of getting a record deal even if you lose the program: “I think probably the world of Disney / Nickelodeon will try to hire her. I think it is already done. The same goes for the Diamond White. They have careers ahead of them, then they should not worry. “

One thing she needs to do to win: “The Carly need to decide whether it will follow a path seriously or maybe go for a more fun side. Sometimes it’s hard to sing about love when he is so young. Maybe she has to wait to get a little older to try. “

What do you think of  Emblem3?

Strengths: “The strong point is their charm. They are very, very charming. They are very cute. They have this vibe of a surfer. There are many boy bands out there, yes, but there is none that I consider very strong vocally, and that has a unique characteristic. “

Weakness: “The problem is that they are not doing what we saw in the first hearing. It was a song of its own, that stuck in my mind. Now, it’s uncomfortable because they have become very commercial. It looked like they were enjoying themselves a lot. If Simon take the originality of them will not work. “

Chances of getting a record deal even if they lose the program: “It’ll be okay, if they win or lose. Already guaranteed, the top 4 will be successful. “

One thing they need to do to win: “If you stay true to yourself is the greatest advice I can offer to them. It is very easy to follow a path that you think is best for yourself when you have multiple people telling you what that path. “

What do you think about Fifth Harmony?

Strengths: “I do not have much faith in them. There’s something that does not always work when I look at them on stage. They probably are very close and great friends. But professionally, the group should be less than or some of the girls should have followed his solo career. I do not look at them and say that will be the next Spice Girls, or have something special like Destiny’s Child. “

Weaknesses: “Sometimes visually is bad because the designers do not work right. When you’re a singer, everything has to be right. With girl groups, they need not all be matching, but when you have a tall girl wearing jeans dress and the rest, it gets weird. They need to understand that and develop better chemistry between them. Some are also not as good vocally speaking.

Chances of getting a record deal even if they lose the program: “They are very cute. I think the market pre-teen will love them. They have a good career. It will be interesting to see where they go to be able to decide to pursue a solo career. “

One thing they need to do to win: “If they win, I would be very surprised.”

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