Demi defends Lindsay Lohan on Twitter

Demi Lovato defended Lindsay Lohan in a series of posts on his Twitter page.

The juror’s “The X Factor” began interrogating blogger Perez Hilton about his treatment of Lohan after her recent arrest on suspicion of assault.

When Hilton tweeted the headline: “Lindsay is on cocaine and out of control,” says Michael Lohan! “Lovato said,” Hey how about you leave her alone? “She wrote. “Instead of reaching even more someone who is already down?”

Hilton said: “The media (I) is not hurting Lindsay is she doing this to herself she needs to take responsibility to get better.”

“She’s had chance after chance after chance to redeem himself and doing good for herself. But she is like a broken record … And she can not get any ‘free pass’ because their parents are incredibly dysfunctional. She is an adult, not a child or adolescent. “

Hilton added: “I want Lindsay well and hope she is able to solve their problems for the sake of herself before she ends up like her idol, Marilyn Monroe.”

Lovato – who has been the center of media attention when she sought treatment for an eating disorder in 2010 – continued the conversation by saying: “The media (not just you) do not realize when you need to stop. This is not a matter for your readers. This is someone’s life. ‘

She also sent a message to his followers more general, writing: “What I really like is that we could go back in time when artists were known for their work and not his personal life …”

Hilton continued to defend his account of the situation, writing: “Do you really think @ LindsayLohan wants the media not stop writing about her? She needs attention and create drama to get it … # Truth I have compassion for Lindsay, but I do not feel sorry for her. There is a difference. I contend you’re doing good! Xoxo “.

Lovato said, “Anyway, why she needs to become everyone’s business? If you believe that someone needs help – help “, leading Hilton to respond:” I tried to help @ LindsayLohan more than once. But I will keep private the details about it. Others have tried as well. Often. “

However, both Hilton and Demi remained cordial throughout the conversation, joking with Hilton when he likes Lovato is “petulant” and judge on “The X Factor” saying: “I know you’re doing your job, but I like reading your site for fun things like random videos of babies or animals. ‘

Lohan was released from custody after several hours, but received an invitation to go to court, amid rumors apparently false that the fight was over singer of the band “The Wanted” Max George.

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