Page Thomas added a new photo on her Twitter account with Demi and William.Aswell I added some photos from Demi’s Tumblr account.
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I just checked Demi’s tumblr page and I found three new photos. Check them out. : )

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1* -“Skyscraper” is nominated for the VMA for Best Video With a Message!! Vote here -

2* – Have you voted for “Skyscraper” yet? The video is nominated for the Best Video with a Message VMA! Vote here –

3* – !!!!


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Hello everyone! Okay so today I had some free time so we decided to create our official Facebook page.Also now you can check our Twitter and Tumblr accounts. Regarding the Facebook page I would like you to give us a like to know exactly how many fans is our site.I need your support because I wish to make our website more known so share Demi-Lovato.Us to your friends. : ) Don’t be shy ask me everything on Twitter and tell me if you want follow or anything else . I like to talk with another lovatics. <3 There eventually would like to make known our Tumblr page where you can find pictures edited by me or rebloged with Demi. It could be really fun.

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