Hey guys! I just opened my new fan-site dedicated to the amazing actress from The Vampire Diaries,Nina Dobrev!So if you’re looking for updates,HQ photos and videos UltimateNina.Com it’s the right place! ;) Check out the site by clicking here.

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Hey people! There are soo many good news again! I just wanted to not be deprived! First I wanted to say that we are planning a surprise:  we’ll have a new awesome layout in a few days / weeks. Are you excited ? XD


Now we get to the news! First Glee News:

As you may already know covers the Glee kids (Monday, 20:15 on Super RTL), a song by Demi! Yet was unknown covers what song they would, but now it’s official: On 4 October, the episode “The Break-Up” aired in the U.S. and the McKinley students covers GIVE YOUR HEART A BREAK! Is not that cool?


Do not forget every Tuesday to watch Punk’d on VIVA! I do not know exactly when is the episode with Demi. M Going to investigate! Here again events in detail:

05.09 – Live With Kelly, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Today Show
06.09 – MTV’s Video Music Awards 2012
20.09 – X Factor on TV
21.09 – Alma Awards 2012


As a final piece of news: On September 7, the MTV Video Music Awards run on VIVA. Perhaps even the pre-show, but that I’m about to look for commands again!

“The guest list of high-caliber among the stars for the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards is getting longer: Miley Cyrus, Wiz Khalifa, Mac Miller, Alicia Keys, Rihanna, nk, Taylor Swift and One Direction are just a few of the names that this Award Show, run by the comedian Kevin Hart will be make as glamorous and memorable. In German Free TV you will the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards on 7 September can be seen at 21.15 clock – naturally at VIVA “.


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Hey all ~ I just added some new icons in our icons arhive. Thanks to my best friend Stefan from Stefan Designs Dot Us *click here*for his donation. <3 All icons looks amazing.

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Happy birthday , Demi . ♥

As we all already know, Demi today celebrating her 20 years. And I’d like to wish you all the best for the strongest person I know.I’m really sorry that I could not organize a whole project but our site was opened last month and is not widely known yet we can’t raise some participants. Our site was closed about 16 months after the original DemiLovatoSource.Org but I sincerely hope that next year our website has become more known and we can organize a huge project to celebrate her 21 years. :) Happy birthday again for our princess !! xoxo ~

Hi all! I just opened our Icon Archive! For this wonderful layout I want to thank to a good friend Marina from Broken Rose . I recommend you join the site to benefit from a wide range of layouts HQ at very low prices. :) I will add more icons today so stay tuned. For several weeks I will be away from my grandparents and I will not have internet access.My best friend, Maddie will do the site in my absence. That’s all guys I really hope you’d like our icon arhive theme. xoxo Ann.
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