Demi updated on her Facebook to tell her fans that she participated in a new photoshoot for People magazine. Demi attend the special edition of “Most Beautiful”. Besides other celebrities Demi will also be part of the issue of People that arrives at newsstands – April 24.

As we all already know, Demi Lovato was nominated again in the annual awards intilulada People’s Choice Awards. The singer is nominated in two categories, namely: “Favorite Pop Artist” and “Best Juror”. And it is worth remembering that the Lovatics compete in the category “Best fans of musicians” and “The X Factor” in the “Best competition program”! To expedite the vote and try to ensure victory Demi in at least one of the categories, the DLDU now brings a faster and easier way to vote! Clicking on the “Tweets” below and posting a message in your Twitter account you will already be helping because every 10 tweets sent by different users are tallied 5 points!
NOTE: Remember to put something in the termination of tweets, to differentiate and you can vote more than once! Bote any word, phrase changes the reviewer, for example, and ready, usually tweet!
You can also visit the link page and vote in the categories mentioned above, by clicking HERE or HERE (Application for Facebook)!

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