The judges and Ryan were in for a surprise when pop sensation Demi Lovato stopped by American Idol. Our casa es su casa, Demi!

Taking everyone by surprise, Demi Lovato made ​​an appearance yesterday (16) at the “American Idol”. The singer basically marked her presence commenting on the presentation of the participants of this musical reality of success worldwide.

Accompanied and surrounded by friends and acquaintances, Demi was for most of the program that made receiving praise from one of the judges, Harry Connick, Jr., who said “If Demi Lovato says it’s true, it’s true”. Also when asked about an alleged rumor that says new dates of The Neon Lights Tour in the United States would be added, the singer hinted that the assumption was true.

So, check below all the pictures and videos that moment:

16.April – Arriving to her appearance on American Idol
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During last night (14), Demi Lovato performed a thrilling show in Los Angeles for the iHeart Radio, which was broadcast live around the world. With her elongated hair, with lighter tips, the singer presented her biggest hits to a small audience, answered questions and even surprised and thrilled all fans performing a unique cover of the song “Give Me Love” by the British singer, and also her friend, Ed Sheeran.

Among these had some questions related to her career and get over her social life where she said she plans to make a new tattoo and it will be better than we think. Check out all the details of that night including photos and also videos:


Show (setlist + video):

Heart Attack
Really Don’t Care
Fire Starter
Give Your Heart A Break
Neon Lights
Give Me Love
Catch Me
Here We Go Again
Made In The USA
Don’t Forget
Let It Go


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Two minutes were enough for Demi Lovato lotasse the venue (and exhausted VIPs packages, ranging from USD90 to USD1000) in London – KOKO.

Yesterday (11) at GAY, London club announced on their official Facebook page that Lovato would perform on May 31 at the club.


Let it go, Let it go
Can’t hold it back anymore
Let it go, Let it go,

If I ever did that,
I think I’d have a Heart Attack,
because DEMI LOVATO is at G-A-Y
On Sat 31st May

 Remember that the official agenda of the singer has not yet been updated with this information, so do not know whether the event actually happen or and any other additional information. Stay tuned on the site for more future informations.

Demi Lovato will make another LiveChat (live interview), now with the Soundrop,  a Norwegian radio station.

According to her own tweet, the course of the program, will play some songs that are part of her repertoire. The event will take place on Sunday (13) via Spotify.

Demi was present yesterday, March 10, at “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” program where she participated in for an interview and also some jokes. During the episode, Demi gave the presenter, Jimmy, a sweatshirt, which had a photo of Demi and also the phrase “BFF” (Best Friends) – joke that they both do for a while – see below for photos and videos.

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For the first time in 2014, Demi Lovato will attend an American TV show to perform. The program you will arrive, on 10th March a presentation probably the singer’s new single “Neon Lights” at the hilarious “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”. 

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